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As a Canadian citizen aged 18 or older, it is your civic duty to respond to a jury Summons and, if chosen, to serve as a juror.
In Ontario, you can be held in contempt of court if,  without reasonable excuse, you fail to attend court when summonsed. This is a serious offence. If attending at the courthouse or serving on jury duty would cause you serious hardship – perhaps because of employment, business, schooling, vacation or personal circumstances – you may ask to be excused from jury duty or to have your jury duty deferred to a later date.

It’s important to make such a request in writing to the court office immediately and to explain the nature of your difficulty and provide documentation that supports your request. Additionally, some professions don’t qualify to serve as jurors, including medical practitioners, coroners, veterinary surgeons and firefighters. If you require disability-related help to participate in jury duty, contact the court office indicated on upper left corner of your Summons.


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